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Rifle Bullets


Vigilance lnc was Founded in 2010.
“Design, Manufacture, Assemble, Distribute and Educate”
We have been providing firearm education to the community for nearly a decade. Our training courses have prepared 1000s of people to carry firearms confidently, and use various firearms in any situation. Our specialty is providing customized firearms through the manufacturing of specialized components and assembly of pre-made components. Whether you need just one component, or an entire weapons system, we can provide exactly what you need. Vigilance Guns pursuit of design excellence is continually steadfast in a world of wavering standards.
We have over a decade of experience with precision and high quality components on various firearms. We concentrate on designing, machining, assembling and building high quality firearms. We always give extra attention to detail and consistency and ONLY use the highest quality materials, treatments and coatings available. 
We appreciate your support and enthusiasm with Vigilance Guns and our products!

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